Growing up

April 25, 2013

I haven’t blogged in a really long time. The last I did, it was my birthday last year. I decided this year that I should get back to blogging, at least to keep track of all the blessings, the ups and downs and most importantly, all the lessons learned. Ten years from now, I’ll be able to read all this and see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown.

At 27, I’ve come so far and grown up so much. I’ve come to know what real and true friends are. I’ve come to learn that I had many (far too many) friends who were just tagging along on my life ride when I had enough of myself and my resources for them to feed on. Once I was dried out, these so called friends were nowhere to be found. In this process of learning, I’ve been blessed with the gift of reconnecting with friends who I had ought to stay friends with not too long ago. (You all know who you are).

At 27, I’ve found love. Those who’ve seen me through most of my twenties are quite familiar with the constant whining. “Why am I alone? Why doesn’t god send me a good guy? ” The realisation that this was all in HIS perfect plan dawns on me like cool rain on a hot day every time I think about it. Not only did he send me a wonderful man, he timed it perfectly as well. (He’s going to kill me for being this cheesy).

At 27, I get to work and help people AT THE SAME TIME! The children are my little blessings. A former principal and work colleague called them, ‘heaven’s agents’ and they truly are! I believe that each and every child that I have come across to help has been assigned by a higher authority to teach me something. They challenge me in beautiful ways and probably have no realisation on how they’ve shaped me in the past year.

But, at 27 I lost my Ammamah. My heart is saddened by her passing and mostly saddened as I never really got a chance to show her how far I’ve come and how much I can do for her now. Seeing her on my 27th birthday, she never said anything. But those pats on my face and her glassy eyes communicated volumes. Maybe that was her way of saying, “we’ll done, keep going and goodbye”. Five days later, I lost her for good. Her passing thought me the most valuable lessons, and I learned the most amazing things about my Ammamah, about her strength and immense perseverance. How she always put others first and how she always fed and clothed others even when obtaining food and clothes for herself and her family was a dire struggle.

At 27, I’ve learnt to become the person I’m expected to be. I’m not quite there yet. But I know where and what I should be.


the big 26. record of events.

March 9, 2012

Friday 2nd March 2012:

I  went to work as usual. finished work and went back home. And found a card in the mail! A handmade one by rebecca containing messages from everyone in the gang. Anyway.  my understanding was, that we’re going out for dinner at one world hotel and acha was joining us there because he was coming straight from the airport. The weather was stormy, so it took ages for us to get there and finally made it at 8.45 -ish. We dashed into the coffee house and took a seat… gathered ourselves and finally started going at the wide wide wide variety of stuff at the buffet. i sat down with my first plate and popped a siew mai into my mouth. there was a wall of glass in front of me and i could see the reflection of whats behind me… and suddenly, i saw a familiar silhouette walking towards me. It was my Baby Rubern! and by baby i mean boyfriend. The family mustve planned for him to come and surprise me… well i was shocked i have to honestly say. Well my dad arrived eventually and we    engaged in more eating and merry making… there was a really awesome cake too! everything was great! ..until we called for the bill… RM600… i dont think we’ve paid a bill this large before.. *yikes*. We all headed home right after. Even Rubern headed back to my place to chill for a bit. After relaxing for a while in the house whilst entertaining bday calls and messages,opening presents : amma bought me a blouse, jessie, josh and marlena got me perfume. in the perfume bag was a  bday voucher, a voucher that entitled me one lunch with marlena on sunday. Quite cute and ingenious really… Anyway, i finally decided to call it a night. i sent Rubern off and headed to bed. 

Saturday 3rd March 2012:

I wake up as usual, for work. i head to the office and Louisa was already waiting for me at the office. She bought me a present! A candied ginger body butter from body shop. How nice, and to think… i would not have expected anything from her. I handled the first period of class and that was enough to tire me out. After that, i spent 2 hours briefing Louisa on what to do, and what not to do. And then came lunch, we went for lunch at canton kitchen and it was quite pleasant. My bill magically settled itself. ( Although i have a hunch on who’s responsible). After lunch, i went for a foot spa at a parlour nearby and got my feet done up. When i finished, i was 4pm. And time to go home. I headed straight to ammamah’s house where thethe was waiting for me with cucur udang. I had tea and cucur at ammamah’s house. Spent some time with Thethe and ammamah and came home to get ready. Rubern was taking me out. I had no idea where we were going, all i knew was i was supposed to get ready and wait for him. So i showered and dressed up. He greeted me at the gate and handed me a bunch of white orchids..(member totally scored brownie points here!) He drove us to great eastern mall, and i still didnt know where we were going. Eventually we end up in alexis. There was to be a jazz show. And i was so impressed. i mean all this was carefully thought about and he knew i loved music. he even pre-ordered 2 types of desserts. (lots of thought went into all this, i can see.) We got led to a table right in front of the stage and i was very happy about that. We sat down and proceeded to order our food and drink. We went from appetizers to mains to desserts. And everything was just perfect.. the food, the atmosphere, the jazz entertainment.. HIM..it was bliss i tell you. When the show was over, we left, he drove me home and bid me goodbye. I went to bed smiling. 🙂

Sunday 4th March 2012

I woke up and got ready. I attended mass because the mass was offered as a thanksgiving for me. After mass, i had bfast and went home while waiting for Joshua and Marlena to finish up with sunday school. I had a lunch date with Marlena. So when they were done, We got ready to go. It was Marlena, Peggy and Jessie in one car, and Myself in mine because it wud have been easier for me to get to subang from where we were heading to, which was oddly, Citta Mall. (then it didnt seem to be too odd for me). We arrived at Citta Mall and parked the cars, when Marlena suddenly suggested going to chilis, which is quite normal for her… and so i agreed. We walked into chilis and i’m following the hostess to what looks like a table with people, and suddenly i realised that those people looked familiar and before i could react to anything. These people screamed “surprise”. It was the Gang and they threw me a surprise. We ate and drank and was merry. Gerard made a cake. < thats a no brainer. We ate cake. Joanne played happy bday on the violin for me and we all went home. (Some of them were buggin me about rubern throughout lunch tho). < i still cannot believe they pulled this off without me even suspecting one tiny bit. 
From there, i headed to Rubern’s house, where we got ready, went to church for class and then out for a bak kut teh dinner to quench my pork cravings.

Monday 5th March 2012 

Nothing much happened during the day, but in the evening, i went to kitty kochama’s house to visit her and joshua mark. I brought some of the cake i had with me and i had tea with them. Uncle krish came back later and we all went out for dinner. After dinner, i went back to the house with them and stayed a while just to chat. When i was about to leave , Uncle Krish gave me an American 100 dollar note. and i was absolutely floored! 

Tuesday 6th March 2012

Festivities made me sick. i took the day off and saw the doctor.

Wednesday 7th March 2012

I went to work as usual. In the evening however, i went out to the curve, to paddington’s house of pancakes to get together with the old atc gang – Sophia, Jackson her husband, Arvin, Vaanan and Gurmeet. We ate and talked and talked and laughed until my face hurt. Suddenly Sophia surprises me with a cake! (this is cake #3 ok!) They all sang happy bday and i cut the cake and made a wish and we all had cake. we talked and laughed summore and finally decided to call it a night. I then drove to Rubern’s place and insisted that he take the cake from me because a 3rd one in my fridge was just too much. Relaxed with him for a while and went home after that. 


that my friends, is the gist of what has taken place this week. i’ve never felt more happy, more blessed, more content.  i have family to thank, friends to thank, a wonderful boyfriend to thank, and most of all… GOD, the deepest gratitude should go to him. 



Birthday Wishlist 2012

February 29, 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012 


1. I don’t think I need anything. I believe I have everything that I could possibly need. 


The year has been good. It will be good. 





January 21, 2012

I have not blogged in a while, almost a year in fact. I’ve been BUSY. Doing lots of different things. I’m grateful for a lot of things that have happened thus far. Every year i say i’m content thinking that i could never experience a content far greater than the one experienced when the statement was made. But in truth… i seem to enjoy an array of new blessings each year. Its overwhelming really.. i think , “what have i done to deserve all this?” So, i’m going top do something different this year. Instead of saying “im content”.. i’m gonna say, “keep em’ coming Lord..” = )


cross examination humour

April 29, 2011

MACC versus Dr. Porntip

ABDUL RAZAK: Now doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn’t know about it until the next morning?
PORNTIP: Did you actually pass the bar exam?

ABDUL RAZAK: Doctor, how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people?
PORNTIP: All of them…The live ones put up too much of a fight.

ABDUL RAZAK: Do you recall the time that you examined the body?
PORNTIP: The autopsy started around 8:30 p.m.
ABDUL RAZAK: And Teoh Beng Hock was dead at the time?
PORNTIP: If not, he was by the time I finished.

And the best for last:

ABDUL RAZAK: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?
ABDUL RAZAK: Did you check for blood pressure?
ABDUL RAZAK: Did you check for breathing?
ABDUL RAZAK: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?
ABDUL RAZAK: How can you be so sure, doctor?
PORNTIP: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
ABDUL RAZAK: I see, but could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?
PORNTIP: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law.

alex, u would sooo love this…


God’s Greatness

April 1, 2011

My aunt has no idea on how to blog, so i’ll do it for her.

My family and i recently experienced a miracle. On Feb 2nd, at approximately 10pm, i received a call from my Aunt Christina saying that she was at the hospital and she had brought my Aunt Jennet to be warded, upon further questioning, we found out that my aunt Jennet was no longer conscious.

When we arrived at the hospital, what we saw was truly saddening. The first doctor who had examined her said that it was meningitis and was swift in administering antibiotics right away. When we heard it was meningitis, we gave up, knowing that meningitis is a severe condition and that not many survive. We also knew that the bacteria acts fast and within hours a patient could suffer organ failure and eventually lose their life. Fear gripped us, what would things be like if she did ‘go’? Her husband who is my uncle, and my cousin( the only child) would be so lost without her.  But we continued praying.

The next day, She worsened, they had to intubate her and ventilate. She was depending on the machine 100%. Yes, she could not breathe on her own. Doctors promised to move her to the ICU but could not as it was full. By then, we were feeling defeated… nonetheless, we did not want to seem like we had given up. We sent text messages to everyone we knew, requesting for prayers, i personally scoured my phonebook sending out text messages. By the end of that day we had hundreds, yes hundreds of people praying for her and by 6pm a place cleared up in the ICU and she was moved there. By the, She had remained unconscious for almost 24 hrs.

She was in the ICU for more than a week, in a sedated comatose like state, depending on machines, to keep her going. After that, the doctors came with great news, saying that it seemed like her body was responding well to the wide spectrum antibiotics and that they would slowly let her regain consciousness and wean her off the machinery one by one. They did however tell us to be ready for any sort of brain damage that may or may not be there after a severe condition like this.

I had been going to the hospital everyday and all i saw was my unconscious aunt just laying there. One evening, i had gone there as usual and i was greeted by her, sitting upright, and talking (although not loud enough, but audible words) and i thought, what a great GOD. i was overwhelmed by emotions but i held it in as i did not want to cry in front of her. From then, she improved… so quick that she stunned the doctors.

She eventually was moved to a normal neuro ward, received more treatment and was discharged. She was in the hospital a total of 16 days out of which 10 days she lay unconscious. She walked out fine, without any brain damage and fully healed.

She has gone for 2 follow ups appointments so far, and doctors have given her a clean bill of health. During her 2nd appointmet, a Dr Rishi walked up to her and said, ” You may not remember me, but i was one of the doctors who attended to you when you were ill. Honestly, us doctors had expected you to ‘go’ , there was nothing we could do and we were basically just waiting. You may think that it was us who saved you, but NO, whoever saved you, it was definitely not us… Surely it must have been GOD who did” ~~~~ gives u chills doesnt it?

When doctors and nurses gave up, even when we had seemed defeated, the ultimate physician did not give up on her. And when HE heals, HE heals completely.

I have God the Father to thank for this, and the hundreds of people who joined  myself and my family in prayer.

This is my testimony.




Forced Conversion ~> outrageous.

April 1, 2011

In an email received on the 31st of March ’11, I read this and I was compelled to share. This is how it went:

It is shocking to learn that non-Muslim students in some government secondary schools in and around Kota Kinabalu (SMK Kinarut, SMK Sanzac and SMK Bandar Raya) are forced to endure bullies by fanatic Muslim teachers. They are humiliated in front of their class, their Bibles were snatched, rosaries thrown into dustbins, forced to attend Islamic classes, and worst of all, a number of them were talked into to convert to Islam. These students were told that unless they convert, they would lose their scholarships, asked to stay out and so forth. Parents-Teachers Associations of these schools were said to be doing nothing to protect the students. School Management too pretends nothing happened. NonMuslim teachers who know about such going-ons are afraid to testify for fear of losing their rice-bowl. It is said that this issue is also known to the Ministry in Putrajaya and some Wakil Rakyat.

What is happening to our country? After 48 years of independence, it seems weare moving towards a dangerous path of religious and racial fanaticism and bigotry. The writings on the wall are bold and clear. The minorities are bullied, humiliated and discriminated in government institutions. Those who are supposed to enforce the laws only issue warning to the perpetrators and let them off easily. Slogan such as “1 Malaysia” is only a political ploy to camouflage the hidden agenda of the ruling front. Many minorities believe that the slogan is calling for the assimilation of the minorities into the dominant race. The signs are obvious, the process has started in schools where children of the minorities “are trapped”, especially those staying in asrama. Through the education system, many see that future generation of the minorities in Malaysia are indoctrinated to believe and accept the religious and racial ideology of the dominant race.

We challenge the government to openly deny this. We challenge the Prime Minister and his cabinet to take concerted actions against the spread of religious and racial extremism among civil servants who are in the position to alter the fate of the minorities. National leaders from the minority groups too should speak up to defend the future of their own people. Unless and until this is done, we are afraid our country is moving towards a suicidal path of racial and religious conflicts.

Anak-anak Watan Sabah


What am I to say?